How to choose the right shampoo for hard water?

Selecting the right shampoo that is right for your hair can sometimes be a headache. Having hard water in your home also adds more fuel to the fire. Combine the two, and you can have a disaster waiting to happen. Hard water can dry up your scalp and build up in your hair over time.

So, how do you choose the best shampoo for hard water? Other than selecting the right hair products, hard water effects can be minimized by using a softener or a filter. Although not everyone can afford to have a filter, the only alternative is chelating shampoo agents. These shampoos dissolve the minerals in the water, which allows the soap to sud easily.

Signs that you have Hard Water

First, let’s determine if you have hard water in your home. Here are some signs that you may want to pay attention to:

  • Build up of Soap scum on your bathroom floors, bathtub, or curtains – if you see this on your floors, then it’s a sign of hard water. minerals that can be found in hard water are hard to breakdown and mix with the soap when you take a shower.

This results in the buildup of white scum residue from the soap. Although cleaning it will be a quick fix, if you do not get the root of the problem fixed, you will always have to clean the soap residue off your floors.

  • Water heaters start to become defective – Having to wake up in the morning just to take a shower with cold water is the absolute worst. Having hard water can make your water heater fail, because the minerals can build up in the pipes. 

Eventually, this will make the elements in your water heater start to malfunction.

  • Water spots on your kitchenware and flatware – After cleaning your dishes, do you see spots on your utensils or glasses? If you do, you could have hard water.

Using this kind of water with your utensils can make it hard for your dishwashing soap to mix with the water. This will leave you with less than perfectly rinsed utensils.

Best Chelating Shampoos

So you realize that you have hard water, Now what do you do? Next thing is choosing the right shampoo. Try these out:

  • ION Purify Hard Water Shampoo – this shampoo prevents the buildup of minerals that can cause your hair to be dry and itchy. It’s also great for preventing discoloration.

Moreover, this shampoo will hydrate and moisturize your hair allowing it to feel moisturized. This shampoo can be used on all types of hair and great for daily use.

  • Malibu C Wellness Shampoo – This shampoo has natural ingredients. Having a shampoo with natural ingredients can help avoid the build up of minerals in the hair. It will give your scalp a deep cleanse while moisturizing your hair at the same time add shine.


  • OIDAD Water worksThis is great for those people who have curly and wavy hair. Not only is this shampoo gentle on your scalp, but it will also help regulate the balance and maintain the natural oil in your hair.

It also gets rid of other residues and dirt on your hair. In order to use this shampoo effectively, you need to get your hair wet first before you put the shampoo on your scalp. After that, rinse it off with warm water.

Try these Shampoos for better scalp and hair condition

Hard water is hard to adjust to, which is why having the right shampoo is better than installing a filtration system to your bathroom. If you would like to try these products out, they can be found on amazon through these links. Check out our social media pages as well for more information like this and other useful tips.