7 Hobbies to Travel Faster Pass

Thinking about it and how to enjoy the transfer time, which for the most anxious can be a real torture, we have separated some enjoyable activities for you to get into the holiday mood and not even feel the travel time.

Read a good book

A tasty and engaging book takes people out of place, makes time pass faster, and is much better than looking minute by minute at the time to reach the final destination. Taking more time to read a great book is a great way to get into the story, as well as having a good subject to comment on later with friends and fellow travelers.


That’s right. Buy one of those little hobby books and start doing it. You can choose the easy, intermediate and hard levels. Thus, almost without realizing it, you will already be fully involved in the activities, and with your head in the clouds. Do not be alarmed if you want to stop just when you arrive. Besides helping time pass is one of the fastest and easiest ways to think about anything. Just relax by solving word hunt, sudoku and seven-mistake game.


And speaking of games, we also have electronics, like Candy Crush and Angry birds, just to name the two most popular today. They are real time-eaters, so if you’re a game fan, enjoy earning lots of points and passing as many levels as you can. Just be aware of the permission to use electronic equipment, in the case of airplanes, and use a headset, the sound of the game is only interesting to you.

Watch a movie

Use your tablet or smartphone to watch that movie that was crazy to watch but couldn’t find time. Choose a comedy, drama, adventure, or other genre of your own. Just be careful not to disturb other passengers, take a headset and have fun.

Music for travel

Prepare a playlist, playlist with your favorite songs, or the best album of the band you like best and take it with you. Every trip should have a soundtrack. It’s also worth combining the style and theme of the songs with the purpose and destination. And maybe, maybe, pick a band or artist from the place. Music is food for the soul, and a good way to spruce up our memories.


Talking to strangers can be an adventure, not always interesting, but in fact everyone has an interesting story to tell us, from a simple trivial conversation you may or may not feel open to an exchange of interesting ideas. It’s worth the risk, and if it doesn’t work out you can still excuse yourself and go for our last great alternative.

Good sleep

With this busy life, there are days when we can’t even get enough sleep recommended per night, less and less people sleep the indicated 8 hours a day. So, how about enjoying and taking a good nap? Too good.

Not everyone can but getting relaxed at your destination is also a great way to start your vacation or tour. Rested and ready to have fun. So, if you’re good at bed and can sleep easily, take the time to relocate to renew your energy.